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Services at a Glance

Wherever there is a need for audio, music, visuals, or lights, LD Techniques has you covered.


  • Pro DJing

  • Ceremonies

  • Multi Camera Interactive Live Streaming

  • LED uplights

  • Moving heads and haze

  • Monograms

  • String lights

  • Video booth

  • Live sound (band, vocalist, strings quartet)

  • Karaoke

couple first dance.jpg

Live Performances

  • Professional PA system

  • Speaker monitors

  • Digital mixer

  • All types of microphones

  • Stage lights

  • Multi-track recording

live performances 1.jpg


  • Professional PA system

  • TV monitors

  • Powerful projectors

  • Presentation clickers

  • Headset and lavalier microphones

  • Interactive live streaming

Live Streaming

  • Multi cameras

  • Live interaction

  • Professional switchers

  • Professional audio feed

  • Multi platforms

  • Video recording

HYATT family on Zoom.jpg
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